Major Sub-Theme

Mental Health Mental Health and Well-Being Public Health Issues and Challenges
Diverse Perspectives on Mental Health Emotion, Wellbeing and Resilience Disparities in Healthcare Access & Outcomes
Psychiatry, and Neuropsychological Sciences Organisational Resilience Public Health and Vulnerable Communities
Medical consultation Organisational Health Access to Quality Healthcare
Climate change and mental health Organizational neurosis Rural healthcare
Community mental health services Spirituality and Mental Health Social isolation
Legal aspects of mental health Yoga and Mental Health Gender Issues in Mental Health and Public Health
Neurology and Neurological Sciences Counselling and Mental health Psycho-Social Aspects of Public health
Tele/online mental health Military mental health Economic Aspects of public health
Women mental health Suicide Prevention and Mental health Public Policy and Public health
Biological markers in psychiatry Challenges in students' mental health Challenges in students' mental health
Brain stimulation in psychiatry Positive psychology and mental health Radiation and health consequences
Psychosocial aspects of mental health Stress, Burnout, and Wellbeing Health Nutrition in Health care
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Work-life Balance Emerging technologies for better health care
Trauma management Indigenous health practices & Mental Wellbeing Any other paper in Public Health Issues
Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) Papers from Clinical, counselling, abnormal and neuro-psychology, Psycho-Social Aspects of Public health